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General Information

Precision Non-Contact Sheet Fed Doubles Detector/Thickness Gauge

Scepter Scientific manufactures a variety of thickness sensors for non-conductive sheet fed transports. Scepter Scientifics’ proprietary capacitance technology incorporates field steering electrodes to eleminate sheet position errors withing the non-contact measurement window. Scepter This state-of-the art technocogy.offers a superior performance, low-cost solutions to your specific requirements.


Bullet Non Contact Measurement
Bullet High Speed / Resolution
Bullet Self Calibrating
Bullet Field Steering Eleminates Sheet Position Errors
Bullet Thickness Profile
Bullet Mutliple Channels


Bullet Bill Aceptors
Bullet Cash Dispensers
Bullet Currency/Check/Cupon Sorters
Bullet Postal Automation
Bullet Labeling Machines
Bullet Tape Detection


Non-Contact Doubles/Thickness Detector

This doubles detector provides a non-contact real time thickness profile primarily designed for high-speed currency transport systems. Itís accuracy and precision not only senses a doubles condition but its superior resolution can identify the presence of tape and other thickness variations within the note. Based upon Scepter Scientificís proprietarily capacitance technology, the doubles detector incorporates sensor field steering electrodes with electronic signal processing to virtually eliminate note position errors within the measurement gap.


Bullet Measurement Gap 0.1 Inch
Bullet Real Time Thickness Profile Output
Bullet Multipe Channels
Bullet Transport Speeds Exceeding 600 Inchs Per Second
Bullet Measurement Resolution 0.0001 Inch
Bullet Measurement Range 0 - 0.01 Inch