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General Information

Dielectric Moisture Sensor

Using water as the dielectric of a capacitance non-nuclear, low cost, consistency measurement system for the paper industry, this sensor measures water height in harsh environments.

Microscope Enhancement

An instrument developed to modulate the cantilever of a tunneling microscope at high frequencies while monitoring changes in amplitude and phase to extract surface image information.

Currency Security Feature Authentication and Fitness Testing

Several sensor technologies for currency counting and sorting machines are presented here. New technology provides for embedded machine readable coded security thread in various documents.

Integrated Machine Vision Systems

Using state-of-the-art camera technologies in manufacturing and process control applications, these systems are designed to solve individual customer process control and manufacturing problems.

Laser Based  Systems

Several projects involving the use of lasers for photo-plotters and flat-field scanning system designed to scan up to a 17 x 21 inch page with a sampling resolution of one million pixels per square inch.