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General Information

Product Development

Resulting from 25+ years of successful development programs, Scepter Scientific has retained patent and manufacturing rights to several products. Scepter Scientific cirremtly manufactures a variety of custom OEM products primarily based on Scepter Scientific's proprietary capacitance measurement technology. As a result of Scepter Scientific's extensive experience and background in aerospace designs and manufacturing processes our products are know from their exceptional performance and reliability. We also employ 100% testing on all of our products using custom automated test equipment developed by Scepter Scientific. If you have an appacition for the following products or a new product that would benefit from Scepter Scientific's technoligies, please contact Scepter Scientific with your specific product requirements.



Master Minder

Our latest and first noncommercial product is designed for the aviation and recreational consumer. The intelligent micro-controled Master Minder is designed to prevent dead batteries by inadvertently leaving the battery master stitch on while the engine is not charging the battery.


Currency Authentication

Scepter Scientific manufactures a variety of currency authentication sensors based on our patented security thread detection technology. Scepter Scientific thread detection products are customised for the specific cost and performance constraints of the application, You will find our currency authentication sensors installed in a variety of currency handling equipment from low cost billacceptors through the highest performance currency verification and sorting systems used by central banks throughout the world.


Dielectric Thickness Gauge

Scepter Scientific manufactures a variety of custom products based on our dielectric thickness measurement technology. Oem sensors, using this high speed real time non-contact measurement technology are found in document handling systems to detect the presence of doubles of foreign materials, like tape, which alter the document thickness.


Water Height Gauge

Based on a Scepter Scientific's patented dielectric measurement technology we manufacture a water height gauge for the paper manufacturing industry to measure and control the consistency of the pulp water slurry in the forming section of the paper machine. Before the introduction of Scepter Scientific's DMS3010 consistency measurement system, this measurement often required the undesirable use of expensive controlled radiation devices.