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General Information

Patented Technologies

Whenever possible, Scepter Scientific applies proven state-of-the-art technology to solve clients problems. In the problem solving process a new and unique approach may surface with clear advantages over existing technologies. These innovative solutions often provide clients with a competitive edge. Patented technology resulting from development programs are assigned to clients. Examples of patents that have been awarded to Scepter Scientific personnel and assigned to others include:


Bullet Wide Edge Lead Currency Thread Detection System #5,810,146, issued 9/22/98
Bullet Magnetically-Oscillated Probe microscope for Operations in Liquids #5,753,814, issued 5/19/98
Bullet Capacitive water height gauge and method #5,765,434 issued June 1998
Bullet Detector for a Security Thread Having at Least Two Security Detection Features #5,5355, issued 7/16/96
Bullet Capacitance-Based Verification Device for a Security Thread #5,394,969, issued 3/7/95
Bullet Microwave Security Thread Detector #5,279,403, issued 1/18/94
Bullet Method and Apparatus for Analyzing The Formation of a Web of Material #4,857,747, issued 8/15/89
Bullet System and Method for Producing Artwork for Printed Circuit Boards #4,404,569, issued9/13/83
Bullet Precision Traveling Optical Table Assembly #4,402,482, issued 9/6/83
Bullet Optical Scanner and System for Laser Beam Exposure of Photo-Surfaces #4,312,590, issued 1/26/82
Bullet Optical Read-Write System with Electronically Variable Image Size #4,233,636, issued 11/11/80
Bullet Gimbaled Coupling of Lead Screw and Nut Assembly #4,131,029, issued 12/26/78
Bullet Facsimile System #4,081,842, issued 3/28/78
Bullet Raster Image Processor and Method, Patent Pending