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General Information


Scepter Scientific introduces a non-nuclear, low-cost, instrument for accurately measuring the moisture content of materials. The sensor can be calibrated to measure water height, slurry consistency or moisture content of homogenous materials in contact with the ceramic sensor surface. In the paper and pulp industry, Scepter Scientific‘s moisture gauge provides an intelligent alternative to the gamma backscatter gauge at a much lower cost and without the safety restrictions of a radiation source.


The sensor is designed to provide real time output for monitoring or closed loop control of the manufacturing process. The sensor incorporates a high wear ceramic surface for abrasive materials that establishes the reference plane for water height measurements. Constructed from stainless steel, the self contained sensor is water tight and designed to withstand the most demanding environmental conditions.

DMS3010 Operation

Scientific's moisture gauge operates by sensing the dielectric of the material in contact with the sensor surface. Since the dielectric of water is substantially higher than most other materials, the presence of water will result in a substantial increase in the dielectric measurement. An innovative measurement technology is employed to prevent dielectric measurement errors that are introduced by water conductivity or salt content. The dielectric measurement is then compensated for temperature and calibrated for the specific measurement material and application. The RS-422 serial output continuously reports calibrated readings with a full scale measurement accuracy of +/- 2%. An external 4-20mA output module is also available for applications requiring a current loop interface.


DMS3010 Features

Bullet Non-volatile calibration parameters
Bullet Self contained
Bullet Temperature compensated
Bullet Calibrated output
Bullet Intrinsically safe
Bullet No nuclear regulations
Bullet Environmentally sealed
Bullet Abrasive resistant

DMS3010 Specifications

Bullet Water height 0-1/2 inch
Bullet Measurement accuracy +/- 2%
Bullet Moisture content 0-100%
Bullet RS-422 serial output
Bullet External 4-20mA output
Bullet Power requirements 24VDC @ 120mA
Bullet Temperature range 0 to +60 Deg. C